At Cedars at Cobble Hill, we know that addiction disorders are treatable illnesses and that with specific care properly applied, abstinence and long-term success can be expected.

We are committed to ensuring that each patient receives the best possible treatment for their individual situation.  This is accomplished by thorough assessment and re-assessment of how the patient is responding to treatment.

All of our programs are invitational, never confrontational.

Cedars clinical and support staff will invite each patient to explore how to reach their full recovery, which will include improved self-esteem, fulfilling relationships and accomplishing individual goals.

Our gender-specific residences were created to foster private, safe interpersonal boundaries for individuals entering addiction treatment. Although it is important for co-ed integration during various stages of the treatment process, Cedars provides gender-specific housing and women’s group activities that create a safe and harmonious environment for each patient. This atmosphere of openness and acceptance within the group not only reduces external distractions but also provides clients with a strong level of comfort.


Choosing an addiction treatment centre is a significant decision in life.  At Cedars, we realize that everyone’s journey to recovery will vary, as will the reasons that brought him or her to receive treatment.

The professional staff and individualized approach at Cedars are aimed at providing each patient with the tools necessary for success.

Cedars offers a full continuum of addiction recovery programs for men and women designed to provide a framework for sustainable recovery.

Cedars specializes in the treatment of alcohol addiction and drug addiction, along with various process addictions including eating disorders and gambling.  Having the ability to treat clients in every stage of recovery provides invaluable continuity of care that ultimately means the best chance for long-term success.

Our facilities in Cobble Hill, British Columbia provide a picturesque landscape and tranquil treatment setting.  Vancouver Island is not only renowned for its spectacular West Coast scenery but also features a vast network of recovery communities.


We know that treatment requires a commitment of time and financial resources. Our commitment is to do everything we possibly can to ensure that you get a great start on a full recovery and a renewed ability to lead a meaningful and rewarding life.

We understand addiction is a chronic and progressive neurobiological brain disease with psychological, spiritual and social implications.  We also know that inpatient treatment is an acute intervention in the addiction process and like other chronic illnesses, long-term management will be necessary.

At Cedars, we believe that abstinence from drugs or addictive behaviours is just the beginning. Abstinence alone is not recovery.

You can recover mental and physical health, family relationships, careers and reputations. You can also recover a life filled with meaning and the endless possibilities when you enter a life of recovery.

At Cedars, the major steps in the recovery process are clearly described and the methods for achieving success are well understood. However, we know that individuals are unique and that addiction is a complex illness, often accompanied by other mental and physical health issues. All people are not the same and to be successful, the treatment plan must take into account the unique aspects of each individual.

Our team will continually assess individual needs and tailor treatment strategies to help each patient be successful.

The staff at Cedars believes it is a privilege and a great responsibility to be able to join you during this difficult but exciting journey towards a full recovery.