It is difficult to make your way through recovery alone, yet it remains important to foster a sense of independence and individuality throughout. By taking care of yourself first, we can work towards being the best version of ourselves together.

Discover your self-worth and take responsibility for your own health and happiness.

What would it feel like to be free from negativity? Have self-confidence? Reach personal goals? This is what the Discovery Program addresses. We gather like-minded individuals and create a space free of judgement where people can express their feelings and work towards their ideal life.

Personal healing is enhanced in Discovery through experiencing a felt sense of support in a safe, non judgemental environment where you will begin to understand your personal responsibility in relationships. Through education and group process individuals gain tools required to heal family issues, develop parenting skills, and gain insight into maladaptive coping strategies and alternative behaviors. Individuals are supported in establishing skills essential to emotional healing as they experience deep connection to self and others. Through mindfulness practices our participant learn to slow down, and develop nurturing rituals that enhance self- care. Discovery allows family members to renew trust, enhance communication and build emotional health. Continued support is available to all of our discovery alumni as they embrace a recovery focused life style.